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remarkable india travelogues
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Welcome to Remarkable India Travelogues. This section offers interesting travelogues submitted by the users. Every story in this section has been selected based on its ability to engage the reader while offering valuable insights about the featuring destinations. The accuracy of the information provided, however, has not been verified.


If you wish to submit your own travelogue, please mail it to us along with original pictures taken by you during the journey on:


The travelogue should follow the given guidelines:


1. It should be divided in parts of 350 to 500 words each, so as to engage today’s typical internet reader.


2. It should portray true information that should help the readers plan their travels accordingly.


3. It should be entertaining. We advise you to send in sufficient pictures to make it exciting. The image files should be properly named so that they refer to the parts of the article they belong to. We will put the pictures on the relevant pages to make your travelogue lively and appealing.


Travelogues by Users:

  Title Author Posted

To Ladakh on Bike Tejas Mayure 09-03-2011


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